Bengali Film “Romeo “Review

Sujit Mandol tries to hammer a point – love is responsibility, family is of utmost importance. Coming from a broken family, a child may face a question that “Whose parents don’t have good relation between themselves then how to expect from that child that he will understand the value of relations? even he professes his love for his beloved. Siddhartha Roy aka Sidhu (Dev) has a heart of gold. Even though this “Ladykiller Romeo” might croon, “Sunday dilam Sheila ke, Monday dilam Mona ke”, he nurses a deep wound in his heart. His parents (Labony and Sabyasachi) are separated. Sidhu finds happiness in Pooja’s (Subhashree) company and the two plan to get married. The marriage is possible only and only if Sidhu can bring his parents together again. The love birds rack their brains and come up with one plan after another till Sidhu’s words, “Poristhiti control e thake na, bhalobasha control e thake” make sense to his industrialist dad. His pleas, “Tomra tomader bhalobasha bhag koro, amake bhag koro na,” do not fall on deaf ears and finally, everything falls into place.


The storyline might border on the predictable but when you have Dev romancing an almost size zero Subhashree on screen, and that too after two years, can you ask for anything else? Well with Jeet Ganguli’s music like “Mon toke Dilam “, “Eta ki bhul “etc already become the heartthrob among the younger generation.